2018 Board Members





  Amanda Thaw

  Vice President:



  Amanda Thaw




  Kelly Konstany

  Golf Outing:    

  Jared Konstanty
  Miki Scarfo
  Jack Burg


  Scott Rabacs
  Livy Howard
  Andy Thompson
  Ron Clarke


  Jessica Hwang

  Captains' Parents: 

  Marjorie and Seth Almansi
  Sharon and Mark Brockwell
  Colette and Scott Rabacs
  Beth and Brian Runkle


  Amanda Thaw

  Senior Class Coordinator:

  Leslie Ward

  Junior Class Coordinator: 

  Kelly Konstanty

  Sophomore Class Coordinator:

  Pam Garra
  Amy DeAngelis

  Freshman Class Coordinator: 

  Miki Scarfo
  Jenn Blum


  Amanda Thaw